Welcome to GB China, Professional  Braiding Machine Manufacturer,  A company that concentrates in manufacturing and researching in braiding machines for over 25 years.

We focus on innovation of new technology and customizing braiding machines for customer needs in varieties of fields, including parachute line of the Shen Zhou Spacecraft, data cable for iPhone, medical artificial blood vessel, the high-pressure pipeline of heavy machinery etc.

With many years of efforts, GuanBo has become the leading brand in the braiding technology field.  We have originated a series of new innovative technologies such as high precision automatic braiding pitch set up system, anti-oil-throwing construction, double deck tri-axial asynchronously linked system with servomechanism and high precision constant tension pay-off and take-up system.

In the meantime, our company embraces the concepts of environmental protection. We have put great efforts in producing low noise braiding machines and reducing energy cost for operations.

In the future, we would continue to improve our products and provide flexible and green braiding solutions for our great customers.