Winding Machine GB-A2/GB-A3

The semi-automatic winding machine GB-A2/A3 is designed to wind copper wire and other metal wires. They are equipped with electronic meter counter, broken end sensor, infinitely variable speed control. 

GB-A2/A3 will offer you a perfect stable winding process for your optimum braiding results.

winding machine
winding machine GB-A2

Technical features:

  • Easy operation
  • Two/three winding heads
  • Precision and stable winding for various bobbin size
  • Electronic meter counter
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Traverse length adjustable
  • Broken end sensor


ModelHeadsTraverseMax speedMotor power Wire diaMax Bobbin dia
GB-A2230∼175mm2800220V, 0.55kw0.03mm∼0.3mmØ 80mm
GB-A3330∼90mm2800220V, 0.75kw0.03mm∼0.3mmØ 80mm